History Walking Tours

Making London’s History Accessible

We’ve been uncovering stories from London’s history over the last five years. Every summer we’ve arranged these stories into a theme, from victims of the Victoria Day Disaster to influential London women.

We offer guided walking tours throughout the months of July and August where we’ll take you to a historic monument and tell you their story. These live tours are turned into a walking tour brochure that you can print out at home. This brochure will guide you through our cemetery just like the guided walking tour will.

Walking Tour PDFS

  • A Newcomer’s Guide to Resting in Woodland (coming soon) – Exploring Canada’s immigration history through the stories of and stones of Woodland residents.
  • They Are Not Here – London soldiers from the First World War memorialized at Woodland.
  • Women of Woodland– Paying homage to the incredible women in London’s history