Canada 150!

Happy Canada 150 everyone, we hope you are enjoying your long weekend! Our weekend starts tomorrow but for a very good reason, we had our first mobile tour today at Royalcliffe Retirement Residence. At first, I was very nervous for these mobile tours as I was not really sure what to expect. I’m confident enough with walking tours, as everything has a logical path and it’s very interactive with the audience. I thought that the mobile tours would be more like the team lecturing a room full of people, which is a bit more nerve racking. Thankfully, it was nothing like what I expected. The people were absolutely lovely and were very happy that we were able to make it out to them. In addition, our main contact there, Sarah Urquhart, was nice enough to show us around the residence a bit before we began our segment.

Overall I think the talk went very well. There were a few small bumps, like someone asking me about Fred Kingsmill (the penultimate owner of Kingsmill department store) and I had no idea who they were speaking about. I guess that’s what happens when one concentrates more on the distant past. I will definitely not be making the same mistake in the future! It was also nice because many of the residents knew the Kingsmill family and were able to educate me on their more recent past. Another aspect that is routinely popping up when we give these tours is that people tend to ask where something (a building, bridge, etc) is in relation to another landmark. These questions are very difficult to answer when you are not a native of the city, but thankfully we have three native Londoners on our team that can head of those questions for me.

Getting back to the Canada 150 celebrations, make sure you check out our documentary that is airing on Rogers at the following times this weekend;

Saturday July 1st – 12pm, 7pm, 11pm
Sunday July 2nd – 12pm
Monday July 3rd – 12pm

It’s similar to our walking tour so those of you who weren’t able to make it out last Saturday can get a bit of a sneak peak into what we discussed!

Once again, enjoy the Canada 150 celebrations and have a wonderful long weekend.

– -MacKenzie


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