The Final Steps

Good evening, Peter here!

Over the last week we’ve been putting in the finishing touches to our Scottish grave site memorial. The layers of limestone have been poured, tampered, and sloped. The borders have been built, and we’ve moved the stones that do not need repairs into place. We’ve also continued to repair the cracked stones, and those that we’ve finished have also been moved into place. Despite our attempts, we’ve had to deem several stones irreparable, due to them being in advanced stages of decay. With these decayed stones, the cracked sections of stone crumble away at the slightest disturbance, so no amount of adhesive material is capable of making the stone whole again. To preserve these stones as best as possible, we place them inside the sandbox in the arrangement they were found, allowing them to at least be legible to our visitors.

However, repairs on the well-preserved stones are proceeding well. In addition to merely filling in the cracks, our team is recreating some of the designs that were originally created by the stone carvers. Where lettering previously crumbled away, we have recreated the original font. Where an expertly carved border was cracked away, it has been recreated and sealed together.

The work would be excruciating without the help of our equipment, as Sunny mentioned in her blog post, and a popped tire on one hand carts slowed our progress down for the day, but by our tours on Saturday the site will look very presentable for visitors. We’ve been receiving plenty of curious visitors in the afternoons here at Woodland, which we always welcome. If anyone has visited in the past few weeks, we’d recommend coming back in the next few days to see how our display has taken shape.


As you can see, we’re leaving a walking path in the middle to allow visitors to view them with relative ease. The design also discourages visitors from stepping over or on top of stones as they observe the site. Any one visiting the site should be aware that there is a bit of a walk to get to the stones, over some uneven ground.

In addition to finishing the Scottish cemetery site, we’ve also been putting the final touches into our Canadian Confederation tour taking place this Saturday, which has included finishing our research and making it presentable for an oral format. We’ve also been working to make the tour’s path as safe as possible for our visitors, cutting away any low hanging branches and filling in whatever uneven ground we encounter. We look forward to seeing anyone who is interested on Saturday, the forecast calls for a warm and sunny day! We recommend any attendees bring weather appropriate clothing, shoes that are comfortable to walk in, and an ample supply of water.

That’s all for tonight, we hope to see you soon!


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