Cleaning, Catalouging, and Researching

Hi, everyone!

Today was another exciting day here at Woodland. My teammates and I were slightly worried during the weekend that it might rain today, but it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day (at least till 5 PM, which is when we leave). So it was a great day for us!

Every Monday morning, we, monument conservators – Peter, Alyssa, MacKenzie and I – have a meeting with Levi, the archivist, to discuss the works that have been done as well as that needs to be done. While the meetings are not very long (it takes about thirty minutes), it provides us a very important guideline to what we should be doing. Today was no exception. If you recall from previous blogs, we often tend to take research days when it rains because not much can be done outside. From today’s meeting, we decided that we will need to go research tomorrow regardless of the weather because there are many things we have to get done. We also finalized who will be part of our documentary type video and our walking tours. It was an exciting moment for me to finalize that the Lee family I have been researching about will be part of both the video and the walking tour!

The rest of the day mostly consisted of cleaning monuments and cataloguing. While I would love to talk about the steps of cleaning and cataloguing again, I will not so I don’t reiterate the information you already are aware of. (If you are not, you should check out previous blogs from my teammates!) However, we decided to do something little different at the end of the day.


Thanks to Levi, we were able to go around the cemetery and locate the possible monuments of the people we are including in our walking tour. After locating the them, we took pictures of the monuments so that we can do little more research on them tomorrow. There are often more than one monument that belongs to different persons with the same name. We will cross reference several materials to make sure that these stones belong to the people we want to talk about.

At the Western Archives tomorrow, we are planning on looking through more documents and photos. In fact, we are quite excited to look through the city directories! I think it will reveal more exciting information that we didn’t know before. Anyway, I am sure MacKenzie will report on our interesting finds tomorrow. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the updates on our project!


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